Colourful silk thread wrapped over silver filigree - unique pendant evoking traditional Oriental art


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Name: Leap over it!

Design description: With a colourful silk thread pattern, this pendant is very unique. The silk design depicts a fish called a carp. The carp jumps up-river so for the Chinese it symbolises striving to reach a goal. This necklace is perfect for someone who has graduated, given birth, or passed an exam. The back of the pendant is filigree woven out of pure silk thread extruded and wound into an intricate pattern in the ancient Chinese style. Give this fine gift to offer your congratulations or encouragement!

Materials: Fine Silver, Silk tread

Technique: Handmade Filigree. 0.27mm Silver strands are coiled together creating an intricate and beautiful pattern and then electroplated in gold. The ancient art of Chinese filigree is much more labour intensive than European cast designs but the effort is repaid by the delicate brilliance of the myriad strands reflecting light in fine patterns. Filigree is part of China’s “intangible cultural heritage”, according to UNESCO. Filigree art originated in the Warring States Period in China (475-221 BC). The art still survives in a few small workshops in China. It's our mission to grow and internationalise the fine art of handmade filigree.

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材质:银饰 刺绣 金属材料:999纯银 颜色分类:正面红色刺绣 背面银色花丝
品牌:Elements 风格:传统 适用群体:爱好民族风的人
图案:传统纹样 是否现货:现货 镶嵌材质:刺绣
成色:全新 新奇特:新鲜出炉 货号:龙门扣
工艺:皇家花丝工艺 由细银丝掐焊成型 与精致的传统刺绣结合 再经过精工细磨的抛光而成


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Most filigree is cast into a mould. Even so-called "handcrafted" filigree is often made in this way. But real handcrafted filigree is made by spinning long, thin strands of gold (Imperial style) or silver (southern Chinese style) and then coiling it by hand into beautiful patterns. Our brand stands for quality and genuine craftsmanship, and our pieces tend to be very labour intensive.

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