Elements is a handcrafted jewellery brand that combines fresh, innovative design with labour-intensive traditional handcraft skills such as real hand-wound filigree. Our founder, Ms Tang Jing is originally from Szechuan but now lives in the UK. She graduated with a BA in Jewellery Design from the Beijing University of Technology and a Master's Degree from Coventry University's Art and Design College. Tang Jing works with other professionals, students, and free-lance designers who are passionate about traditional handcraft skills and techniques that are in danger of being lost. We want ancient techniques to revive and thrive with comfortable, fresh, and beautiful design for the modern world.


Payment must be made in full before shipping. In the case of custom orders and bespoke designs, advance payment is required. Please contact us for information about staging payments.


All deliveries are tracked and insured. Please alert us immediately if any goods are damaged in transit.


Refunds are available on standard items within 2 weeks of purchase. Return postage is payable by the customer. Bespoke orders are non-refundable.


Most filigree is cast into a mould. Even so-called "handcrafted" filigree is often made in this way. But real handcrafted filigree is made by spinning long, thin strands of gold (Imperial style) or silver (southern Chinese style) and then coiling it by hand into beautiful patterns. Our brand stands for quality and genuine craftsmanship, and our pieces tend to be very labour intensive.

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